A social networking and collaboration business solution which empowers individuals, work-groups, project teams, departments and organizations to connect, communicate & collaborate beyond traditional geographical and organizational boundaries.

It helps improve knowledge sharing, decision making and innovation that helps in business growth and social engagement.

Here's what you can do

Empower to communicate, collaborate, and build strong relationships with others

User Profile

Create and publish your socially rich online profile page to represent who you are and what interests you more. Build your connection list and add/invite friends in your connection, send private messages and build strong relationship with others.


Online Communities

Create or join your favorite community. Group communication at JHAPAK made easier, smarter and free.

Using JHAPAK's business social network, enhance communication and collaboration inside and outside an organization with employees, clients and partners.


Blogs, Forums & Wikis

Share and explore news, ideas, concepts and words. Start a new discussion topic or participate in discussions of interest. Contribute and collaborate your knowledge and help others to build and benefit from your Community.

It helps in improving knowledge sharing, decision making and innovation that helps you get work done.


Events & Calendars

Host, manage and promote successful Events for the Community. Manage important dates, track RSVP and share event map.


Files & Media gallery

Organize docs & files into folders & share with others.

Upload & share photos with your friends & community members. Use Media gallery to view albums and photos.


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